Suffer an Injury? Physical Therapy May Be the Answer

Physical therapy is a generic term for all therapeutic procedures based on physical education, physical activity, and movement exercises. It is the main component of physiotherapy. The old concept of physical therapy Denver no longer meets the requirements of physiotherapeutic procedures because it is no longer reserved for sports players. On the other hand, physical therapy serves as a test of physical resilience about the demands of everyday life.

The starting point of exercise therapy begins with a physiotherapeutic examination, in which mobility, metabolism, blood circulation, coordination, strength, endurance and pain dysfunctions are determined. A targeted exercise program is then adapted to the individual needs of the patient with the goal of rebuilding or maintaining the independence of the person after a disease or injury. This re-development of physical performance contributes significantly to the sufferer’s quality of life.

How does physical therapy work?

Denver PT is not a static process but a dynamic one that adapts to the increasing capacity of a patient during the recovery and healing process. It often begins with the physical relief or pain-sparing protection of the patient and travels beyond the targeted training and stress of everyday life. Therapeutic effects achieved by physical therapy Denver consist of:

The improvement of malfunctioning joints

Activation and strengthening of weakened muscles

Stretching of shortened soft tissue structures such as muscles, tendons, joints, skin, scars, etc.

Restore muscle balance

Coordinative training of movement sequences

Circulation and decongestion

Irritation of the cardiovascular system, respiration, and metabolism

What does physical therapy include?

At the beginning of the treatment process, passive measures, in which the therapist performs the movements, predominate the treatment plan. Often, the weight of the treated body part is reduced, for example, the therapist supports the movement, or it is relieved by appropriate standards, for example, treatment with a sling. If the patient is less affected by pain as the healing process progresses, active exercise therapy and exercise training are increased.

In addition to numerous physical exercises, in the narrower sense, Denver physical therapy clinics also advise their patients and relatives on the disease and the opportunity for self-exercise programs. Likewise, training with the use of therapy aids, such as prostheses, can help immensely.

Different uses of physical therapy

Treatment with mechanical stimuli (massage)

Therapy with thermal stimuli (heat and cold)

Treatment with water (hydrotherapy)

Treatment with electricity (electrotherapy)

The examination and treatment by the physical therapist are based on the medical needs of the patient. Based on this, specific therapy is performed and should improve or restore the person’s physical performance of the whole.

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